Don’t Depend on the Media for Accuracy

I have found one can NEVER depend on the media to get information correct. Lack of critical thinking in particular adds to the dissonance, especially if the “proof” of a statement is being supported by regular media. The veracity of journalism and published biographies can be lacking at times.

Here’s an example I came across on YouTube:

Cooking show Plat Préféré (in Dutch)

Quote from the description of the Plat Préféré show:
>>Eén van die suggesties was gigue de chevreuil au sauce poivrade – reebout met pepersaus – de absolute favoriet van de koning. Het liefst schoot hij de ree zelf, want Boudewijn was een fervent en vooral goed jager.<<

That is saying that venison in peppercorn sauce was King Baudouin’s favorite meal and particularly if he shot the deer himself as he was a ‘fervent and very good hunter‘.

This is rubbish!  There are no pictures of him with any gun in his hand. There has been no article or book I’ve found that refers to him hunting, except to say he greatly disliked hunters and didn’t like the organized riding hunts but went about one or two years at the beginning of his reign afterward promptly stopping.

If someone didn’t use basic research skills, that information seems okay, but is completely incorrect. When I came across that on YouTube, I first commented that I learned something new. But, then I didn’t think it sounded quite right. After a bit of research, I went back and posted that he was completely incorrect based on 1) my general knowledge of the person in question and, 2) this article from HUMO:

Plat Prefere Koning Boudewijn – HUMO Article

>>Jan van den Berghe (fronst de wenkbrauwen, schudt het hoofd en krabt de kruin) «Ik weet niet waar Jeroen Meus zijn informatie gehaald heeft, maar het zou me niet verbazen als het uit hetzelfde kookboek was waaruit hij eerder al de favoriete maaltijd van Adolf Hitler wist op te diepen.<<

In English:
Jan van den Berghe: “I do not know where Jeroen Meus has taken his information, but it would not surprise me if it was from the same cookbook (in) which he already (found) the favorite meal of Adolf Hitler…

New readers of the subject may never think to do a quick verification search, and then they’d believe to be true something completely incorrect. In fact, the one who was the deer hunter was, in fact, Baudouin’s step-mother, Princess Lilian de Rethy.

Wearing her favorite brooch given by Leopold III
The stag-head diamond and citrine brooch
With her deer rifle
On a hunting outing
Hunting season
Feeding deer on her property

So, even if there’s an article or a book, it doesn’t mean it’s correct. Keep your thinking caps on. If you are a subject area expert be true to your knowledge base/gut instincts.